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Secure Your Atmos Energy Account: Defend Against Website Spoofing

Protecting Atmos Energy Customers from Sophisticated Scammers Using Website Spoofing


In today’s digital age, scammers are becoming increasingly cunning in their attempts to deceive unsuspecting individuals. Unfortunately, even utility customers are not immune to their sophisticated schemes. Atmos, a trusted utility provider, is taking a proactive stance to safeguard its customers from falling victim to these scams.

As awareness is the first line of defense, we have compiled this comprehensive guide to help Atmos Energy customers navigate the treacherous waters of utility bill payment scams. By understanding the tactics employed by cybercriminals and adopting protective measures, you can shield yourself from these deceptive ploys and ensure the security of your personal information. Join us as we delve into the world of scammers, empowering you to stay one step ahead and outsmart their nefarious intentions.

Atoms Energy

Atmos Energy released a press release on Jun 28, 2023. In the press release, it warned its customers about scammers who are targeting utility customers with sophisticated schemes.

One scheme involves cybercriminals using search engine optimization techniques to place fake websites into the browser’s top search results. These fake websites redirect users to what appears to be a legitimate Atmos Energy page, but it features false information and a fake customer service number. Customers who call the fake number may be asked for sensitive information that can be used to compromise their accounts.

Another scam involves impostors calling customers directly and offering a discount on their bill if they pay immediately over the phone.

Atmos Energy reminds customers that they will never ask for payment using prepaid debit cards, gift cards, cryptocurrency, or unauthorized third-party payment methods. Payments should be made through the online Account Center or other authorized methods.

Atmos Energy also emphasizes that its employees will not collect payments in person and advises customers to ask for identification badges when someone claims to be from it. If fraud is suspected or if customers feel threatened during contact with scammers, they should contact local law enforcement authorities and customer service.

This press release highlights the various tactics employed by cybercriminals and provides valuable tips to avoid falling victim to these scams.

Understanding the Scam Tactics:

Search Engine Phishing:

Cybercriminals utilize search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to manipulate search results. They create fake websites that resemble legitimate Atmos Energy pages and place them at the top of search results. Users who click on these sites are redirected to a fake customer service page, compromising their sensitive information.

Website Spoofing:

The spoofed websites mimic the appearance of authentic Atmos Energy platforms, making it difficult for users to detect fraudulent activity. These sites often feature false information, including a fake customer service number that scammers use to deceive unsuspecting customers.

Telephone Scams:

Impostors directly contact customers over the phone, offering discounts on their Atmos Energy bills if they make immediate payments via unauthorized methods such as prepaid debit cards or gift cards. These scams aim to exploit customers’ urgency and lack of awareness about authorized payment methods.

Protective Measures for Customers:

Verify Legitimacy:

When accessing Atmos Energy’s website, ensure it is secure by avoiding sponsored links in search results. Instead, manually type “Atmos Energy” into your browser or choose non-sponsored links from reputable sources.

Match Account Numbers:

Cross-reference your account number with what you see online before making any payments or sharing personal information.

Contact Official Channels:

If you receive suspicious calls claiming to be from Atmos Energy offering discounts or requesting immediate payments, hang up and call Atmos Energy’s customer service directly at 888-286-6700 to verify the legitimacy of the call.

Authorized Payment Methods:

Atmos Energy emphasizes that they will never ask for payment using prepaid debit cards, gift cards, cryptocurrency, or unauthorized third-party payment apps. Payments should be made through the online Account Center or other authorized methods.

Beware of Impostors:

Atmos Energy employees will not collect payments in person unless there is an emergency. Always ask for an employee’s identification badge displaying their name, photograph, and the Atmos Energy logo. If you suspect an impostor, contact Atmos Energy customer service at 888-286-6700 to verify their identity and report the incident to local authorities.

Stay Informed:

Visit the official Atmos Energy website for reliable information and updates regarding scams targeting utility customers. Additional resources include the Utilities United Against Scams website ( and the Federal Trade Commission website (

Real-Life Example

Noe Ortega from CBS7 News KOSA out of Odessa, Texas recently did a story on this topic.

According to CBS7 News,  L’Oreal Jones shared her experience with a scammer who tried to deceive her into revealing personal details and making immediate payments over the phone. She noticed red flags like inconsistencies in contact numbers and slight variations in website names before realizing it was a scam. Promptly reporting such incidents to both law enforcement authorities and Atmos Energy customer service can help prevent further fraudulent activity.

Atmos Energy remains committed to protecting its customers from sophisticated scammers by raising awareness about common tactics employed by cybercriminals. By staying vigilant, verifying information through official channels, and adopting authorized payment methods, utility customers can safeguard themselves from falling victim to these scams.

Resources from Atmos Energy

For more information and additional tips to protect against impostor utility scams:


In the digital age, scammers are employing increasingly sophisticated tactics to deceive utility customers, including those of Atmos Energy. However, by staying informed and adopting protective measures, you can effectively safeguard yourself from falling victim to these scams. Remember to verify the legitimacy of websites, cross-reference account numbers, and only make payments through authorized methods. Stay vigilant when receiving calls, ask for identification when in doubt, and report any suspicious activity to Atmos Energy and local authorities.

By following these guidelines and sharing this information with your loved ones, you can help create a more secure environment for utility customers. And if you need further assistance or guidance, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at CyberStrides. Together, let’s outsmart scammers and protect ourselves from their deceptive tactics, ensuring the safety of our utility bill payments and personal information.


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